Dear Poets,

Over the last few days we have noticed that Facebook has taken an interest. We are equally interested in return. During the many discussions and posts, we have noticed some recurring questions and would like to answer them.

Firstly, Why Strange Poetry?

We understand that the term ‘strange’ is subjective. We embrace that subjectivity, we have already received lots of submissions and our definition put simply, is ‘if you think your poem is strange, then it is’.

So how do we decide who to publish and who not to publish. This is where we are looking for the really strange, we want to see poems that really struggle to exist in a world where everything is catered for. We want poems that deliver meaning without needing to make sense. We want poems that tackle strange subject matter in mundane ways.

We are hoping to provide a site that is provocative, interesting and engaging. We won’t pick a poem simply because it is strange, it needs to have something more.

Secondly, Why?

A great second question!

We set up our site because we held a firm belief that everyone has at least one strange poem. A poem that they had fun writing, a poem that dribbled out of them, a poem that no mother could love… we want to love that poem.

And we think that everyone has that poem hidden away at the back of the drawer, stashed away in a folder labelled ‘unwanted’, thrown at other poets in an act of protest…

So send us your poems, we want to share them and we think people want to see them.


The Strange Poet Editors.


One thought on “Dear Poets,

  1. I think the the sentence quoted below from your recent posting makes the most sense as to what you seek even if to some it may seem to make no sense.

    “We want poems that deliver meaning without needing to make sense.”

    “Strange” poems are, I believe, written in spite of the writer or without the writer knowing they are strange at the moment.

    Prose is written with all the thought a writer can muster. Strange poems arrive on their own and are heard and jotted down or typed up. Revision can rape them if the cudgel of sense is applied.

    Strange poems arrive much the same way faith in God arrives. Or doesn’t.

    They also arrive much the same the way Trump and Clinton have arrived and given America the strangest choice I have seen since my first vote for JFK in 1960. The alternative was Nixon, as strange as they come. He might not be a bad mascot for your site,

    Keep at it but don’t expect submitters to know what your seeking. They send their best guess. And sometimes they’re right. Pray for them. And for America after the November election.

    This posting might a strange prose poem. But how would I know that?


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