Heath Brougher /Im/


Parasitic world;
the preborn wombhoused eats,
drinks through the nuzzletube
the vicious fluids that nourish the fire;
so discordant and discreet
the heartbeating in repetition;
muffled, veinhead  hears through the plasma,
steals the blood, will soon suck the milk,
yet ancient evolutionary birdbrain instinct rouses a tell of connection
to a soppy bellyhoused sponge,
the outgrowth in the fleshy brush;
mere and unsevered; stalwart existence;
head throbs;
eat, very eat; every angle a violent angle;
wolverine nights, wolverine days, wolverine skies,
yet still the flickering and taming;
[evolving beyond? suppression of nature?]
unborn ravenous glare; alienglare;
the slicing of tubes; inner makeshift plunder,
rehumanizing the species; every angel a violent angel;
occupier of the wombhouse
ready to enter into the violent circus of existence;
physical, physical, physical!; bite off the heads,
plunder, rob, deplete!
ready to rage and survive,
for we all begin as parasites.

Heath Brougher is the poetry editor of Five 2 One Magazine. He has published one chapbook, A Curmudgeon Is Born (Yellow Chair Press, 2016) as well as 3 pamphlets. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Chiron Review, MiPOesias, Crack the Spine, Of/with, SLAB, Zoomoozophone Review, Unbroken Journal, Lakeview, and elsewhere.


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