Jon Wesick /Understand – Predict – Prevail (Encounters with Randomness and Chaos)/

Understand – Predict – Prevail (Encounters with Randomness and Chaos)

Traffic jams for no apparent reason,
the proximity of sneezes
in a movie theater,
that rare cluster of green lights
that takes me all the way home
I’m a hamster
pressing levers
in God’s laboratory.
The dinosaurs’ extinction,
radio messages bounced off meteors,
software development cost overruns,
how long to test for an infinity
of possible flaws
The wind whispers hints of a pattern
but my hands grasp only air.
Wrestlers’ moves and strange attractors,
a winning streak’s duration,
the point when victory
or loss is inevitable
The principle dances
out of mathematics’ reach
dropping infinities as decoys.
The path to an author’s success,
chance my next job will work out,
how often the still small voice
of intuition is right


About Jon Wesick
I host San Diego’s Gelato Poetry Series, am the author of the collection Words of Power, Dances of Freedom, and am an editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual. I’ve published over three hundred poems in journals such as the Atlanta Review, Pearl, and Slipstream. One was the Editor’s Choice in the 2016 Spirit First contest. Another won second place in the 2007 African American Writers and Artists contest. I’ve also published almost a hundred short stories. The editors of Knot Literary Magazine nominated one for a Pushcart Prize. I have a Ph.D. in physics and am a longtime student of Buddhism and the martial arts.

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