Simon Williams /An African Day/

An African Day

Serengeti tortoise moves like a bulldozer
and waits for no man in his rush to the sea,
while in an acacia tree, balanced on the predator
of a week-end, a plank rocks among the upper branches.

Two men, one a tribal leader in his bright robes,
the other a seller of insurance with a neat black case
and unnaturally bright tie, meet under the sun
at just after two. “I can offer you a good deal

on comprehensive cover of a Class Two hatchback:
a Polo or a Suzuki Wagon R”, says the chief.
The insurance man replies “My own firm
is rubbish at anything below a Sirocco”.

As they see to the paperwork, the tortoise shakes
his head ruefully and turns South West.
He’s still walking, when the sun falls
below the horizon and the sky drips ink.

Simon Williams has seven published collections. He latest pamphlet, Spotting Capybaras in the Work of Marc Chagall, launched in April 2016 and his latest full collection, Inti was published in July. Simon was elected The Bard of Exeter in 2013 and founded the large-format magazine, The Broadsheet. He makes a living as a journalist.


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