Elizabeth Unger /Wink Wink/

Wink Wink

Absolutely never ending
Soul’s purity shakes down the culprits.
Gold nuggets fall out of their change purses.
Brings out my sharpest sword!!!
(Yes, it is witty).

I Possess Octopus like agility, (which cannot be defeated)
..is that a thing?
..I Think so.
They’re known as experts
In the secret dimension, at least
I’m the glamorous and infamous Expert here however

Black days, emerald nights appear
Six legged chickens rule the roost
Spotted dinosaurs cry liquid gold
I could capture it, but you know…
I must find my way
Find my own wealth

Unlike some ex lover
smoking cigarettes and wearing a scarf.
But only In the orange summers ok?!

Where am I? On drugs?.. I wish
Wink wink, nod nod.
Nodding sideways, that is!
You’re not here to question.
“Do you have a pushy imagination?” You ask

I am here to absorb…
Learn. Love. Create. Conquer.
Beyond the boundaries lies my pride.
Take that, and I am free

My spirit enjoys the deep dips in the bathtub of strangeness
Tat tat tat (is that an external threat?)
well you can just Fuck Off then!!

Watch me leave, I can.
I can always climb higher in,
and Escape
After I sink,
I always re-learn to swim

Splash  splash  Splosh…

Now fully doused in the sweetest perfume,
within the realms of my pets love.
simultaneously I am fortunate;
and not so!
…I am back, Jack!!

Until the next lucid dream that is
Great shit I say surely
Wink wink, nod nod
What do you say??

You wish you could reach these *corners* of your mind?
You can!!
See beyond infinity…
and beyond that!!!

Don’t even have to be light year or buzz, or buzzed!
No need to wait until you’re called over,
or once again –
even until you’re sober!
Go now..Walk in dream.

in different and unusual ways we’re all, only sometimes, Here.
Some of us are never really present…
In this dimension anyway
Wink wink wink
nod  nod  Nod


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