Christopher North /Focus on Sophie/

Focus on Sophie

(For Mavis Cheek)

Dressed casually in a knee length, cream-coloured Irish sweater over black leggings , she was attractive…

                The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Sophie looked at him with confusion
Sophie didn’t appear to hear
Sophie remained silent
Sophie was baffled.
Sophie’s expression remained uncertain
Sophie’s eyes locked on an incongruous glint
Sophie now realised
Sophie felt totally certain
Sophie snatched the key
Sophie’s quick thinking had been impressive. 

Grinning, Sophie ran out to the garage
Sophie drove west.
Sophie’s eyes remained focussed on the road
Sophie gunned the smart car into the rotary
Sophie rolled down the window
Sophie hurried to the side of the house and climbed up on the woodpile
Sophie sensed the chanting getting louder
Sophie slipped through the door
Sophie inched down another few steps.
Sophie stared a moment then burst out laughing.
‘I’m dreaming’ Sophie told herself.
Sophie’s eyes flashed disbelief
Sophie looked confused
Sophie looked uneasy
Sophie looked sceptical
Sophie frowned

Sophie looked disappointed.
Sophie furrowed her brow
Sophie’s face went blank
Sophie looked away
                              her expression determined as it was pained

Christopher North
Almassera Vella

(Oversteps Books)


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