Michael Albright /Does bending over increase your problem?/

Does bending over increase your problem?


Yes,  I  had  the issue  of  bending,
everfailing,  fearing   I  was  going
to fall over.  I also  had  a symmet-
trical  where  I would turn  to look,
felt my eyes  would  have  to catch
up  with  my  heart.   When  I  was
walking  my dead,  my vestal field
was  bouncing.  All of that is gone
now. I placed a card on a wall, the
Ace  of  Queens  inches  from  my
face.  I would do exorcisms where
I would nod up & down, try not to
lose,  focus  on the ax  on the card.
Did  that  one minute,  roasted one
minute,  rotated my head  lift to be
wrong for a minute.  I tried to keep
my focus  on the ax.  You can find
exertions  on  you  too   for   Gaze
Stabilization   that   will   help   to
overcome.  Just  don’t overdo it.  I
do  most   of  what   I  want  these
days,  just have  a  little  spindizzy
feeling  if I move my bed quickly.
Hoping  that will eventually go as
well.  It’s hard work but, given the
narrative, we  have  to  weep at  it.



Michael Albright has published poems in various journals, including decomP, Rogue Agent, Stirring, Rust + Moth, Tar River Poetry, Pembroke Magazine, Cider Press Review, Moon City Review,  and the chapbook In the Hall of Dead Birds and Viking Tools. He lives on a windy hilltop near Greensburg, PA. with his wife Lori and an ever-changing array of children and other animals.


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