Nod Ghosh /Tongue/


This is about a tongue.

It came one night
when I couldn’t sleep.

An independent tongue
that swept the corridors of doubt
picked up dissent and dust on its
fleshy folds.

A tongue that spoke of
slave-labour palm-oil
of banning neonics
to save bees from extinction.

A tongue that argued with
giant corporations, as
they cashed in on the
collapse of entire economies.

A tongue that objected to
discharge of sewage
from the luxury of cruise ships
to cover children in shit.

A tongue, in essence
a muscular hydrostat
that could insult by protrusion,
or act as an agent of love by inclusion.

This tongue
slid away in salivary solitude.




Nod Ghosh lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and completed a creative writing course at the Hagley Writers’ Institute in 2014. Short stories and poems have been accepted for the New Zealand publications, JAAM, Landfall, Takahe, Headland, The Christchurch Press and Flash Frontier.

Work has also been accepted by TheGayUK, The Citron Review, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Firefly magazine, MiNDFOOD and Penduline Press.

Nod’s work is featured in the anthology Love on the Road 2015 (Liberties Press, Dublin.)


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