Judith Steele /Homespun/


Finding shelter becomes obligations
to floors and furniture, cupboards and walls, plants and cement
Spinning straw into gold.
Hunting and gathering, speedy, at several removes,
via cars, roads, carparks, mega-shopping
Spinning gold of hope into many last straws.
Invention descends to recipes crammed with exotica,
novel necessities for dining and wining
Spinning straw into a golden dream.
Learning is fast-tracked obligations
to a computer: the latest system, newer not better.
Television leisure. Insanity or inanity,
future looks like catastrophe
Spinning gold of hope into straws of defeat.
Earth spins, night falls. Earth spins, day breaks
Do it again. Spin.



Judith Steele is Australian. Her poetry has appeared in Northern Territory and South Australian publications including Northern Perspective, Northerly, Dymocks Northern Territory Literary Awards, Friendly Street Poets. Poetry or prose has appeared in Gobshite Quarterly, and on websites including The Animist, Four and Twenty, Islet Online (as Dita West), In other Words:Merida, and Merida Review.


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