Michelle Watters /Eye can see you/

Eye can see you

I used to doodle eyes in my notebook during class
big eyes
small eyes
eyes with angry brows

I felt unseen in a sea of people
an old man once told me I had wise eyes
I was eighteen
a cashier at McDonald’s
spending my day eyes lowered taking orders

my first boyfriend thought my eyes were green
but they are hazel
I never corrected him

the first man to look into my eyes during sex
I married
I can always tell when he is angry because
he won’t look at me

my favorite sexual position is laying on my stomach
the last time we made love he told me it looked like I had
a third eye on my forehead
I rolled over so he couldn’t see my three eyes

later I pry his eyes open with my finger to see
if his pupils are dilated
I read somewhere that it means he loves me
the lighting is bad so I can’t tell
he falls asleep
I sit awake wondering if my pupils are dilated



Michelle Watters poetry has appeared in Rat’s Ass Review, Allegro Poetry, The Lake, Literary Orphans, Naugatuck River Review and elsewhere. She is the poetry co-editor of Mud Season Review. Michelle lives in South Burlington near the lake with her daughter Annabelle and dog Tinkerbelle.


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