F.E. Walls /A Chaos of Angels/

A Chaos of Angels

She slept.
Her five foot-ten inch frame
knocked out with Valium, Percocet, Fentanyl.
Gut shut down

& she slept four days and nights,
her mind screaming
at angels on their shining bikes
with glistening
chains. Real angels.
Real chains.
The skull of god emblazoned
on the dead hide of her jacket.
She packed herself into the sleep
of disbelief.

Blue suffuses the landscape of dawn.
Blue air, blue firs, blue snow.
Quiet. The snow descends.

Was it her father leering
at her again at six, at twenty-six?
(The angle of her exposure widens.)

Her disbelief at pain that leaves
no bruise, the pain of angels
leaving laughing,
roar of engines, metal chains
in the air like wings
beating and leaving her.
She curses.
Then, quietus.

F.E. Walls’ poems have appeared in Pontoon, Poet’s West, Arnazella, Ekphrastic, damselflypress & Avocet among others and the book, Writing Across Cultures.


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