Roy White /The Pleasure Principle/

The Pleasure Principle

A bride unveiled: the bridal pleasures series DB74510

England, 1808.
her aunt
the workhouse
who later
proper lady
encounters Kit-
explicit descriptions

Guilty pleasures DB64793

Supernatural crime fighter
attends her friend
master vampire Jean-Claude’s
Pleasures. A performer
power and forces
gruesome vampire murders
Violence, some descriptions
language. 1993.

Pleasures of a notorious gentleman DB75059

Stephen Lyons
is recovering
when his
their infant
couple reignite
sex. 2010.

The duchess diaries: the bridal pleasures series DB74630

1819. Miss Charlotte
exclusive Scarfield Academy
be ruined if
the Duke of
not a headmistress—
language and some

The pleasures of the damned: poems, 1951-1993 DB66380

icon Charles
friend and
Includes Bukowski’s
the Escalator
and his
young women
strong language

[The preceding was obtained by searching the National Library Services for the Blind catalog ( for the title keyword “pleasures and truncating each line of the book descriptions.




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