Mark Young /3 poems/

the Internet of Thangs

By making slight vari-
ations, the measured

properties of Galileo’s
use of isotope analysis

to attack legal barriers
such as patents & copy-

rights can also be used
to undermine an over-

active thyroid that may
cause memory problems.



hot dip galvanized steel

I’ve used vermillion in
enameled Chinese
lacquerware. Dramatic

chords accompany
naturalistic tone-
painting. The public

owns these works. But
this last individual
might not be a painter.



Transform your digital video into an antique film

Contrary to a rumor pub-
lished in an online rag, I am
not a communist, nor was I
killed by CIA operatives.
Am a dedicated Phantom, a
key component in the pro-

duction of viscous rayon,
come in a silver-foil stamped
box, perfect for gift-giving.
Les impulsions en coincidence
ainsi obtenues sont de deux
: synchrotron radiation

based X-ray imaging, & a
great vintage collection, per-
fect with soft colors. Even Am-
way have their own memorial
walls listing employees who
have died in the line of duty.


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