Nick Allen /2 poems/

dawn haemorrhaged

as if some great artery
had been severed
emergent day prov d itself
b yond staunch ng

dawn haemorrhaged
and what remain d
of n ght faded
to fever d   membrance
of cosmonauts

dawn h emorrhaged
some dire morning
un sutr able
twisted and it ble d
landlay cramp ng

dawn haemorrhag d
what come wh t
come now
l ttle but fear rid s
before us

dawn haemo rhaged
there are no angels
nev r have
been   we re on our
own at last

d awn h emo rhag d

I lay my only skel eton
down to r st
nd sang let us make mus ic
of th s death

the great circle of life

already lost   I was drunk
already drunk   I was lost

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