Nick Lovell /Sky Cows & Spring clean/

Spring Clean

I mopped the kitchen ceiling.
Swept cobwebs from the corners
Of the round window
And dusted the insides of the freezer.
I soaped the circuits
Of my personal computer
And varnished the keyboard
Of my impersonal one.
With great dilligence
I hoovered the exterior walls
Then painted the telephone
To hide the stains.
Before steam cleaning the soup,
I took each and every pea
From the packet in the freezer,
Careful not to leave fingerprints
On its newly dusted interior,
And buffed each one up
Until they sparkled
like earthy emeralds.
In the background the tumble dryer
Rumbled and grumbled
Its load of freshly laundered books around
And around and around and around
White spirit removed all the Marks
But didn’t touch
The Stevens and Daves.
It took two tins of boot polish,
A trip to casualty and several pairs
Of gardening gauntlets
Before I could get
A mirror finish shine on the cat
And my dog appears to be in hiding.
I bleached the teabags,
Ran the spaghetti
Through the dishwasher
And hung the children out to dry.
While in the garden
I sandpapered the lawn smooth
Then folded up two trees
Stacking them neatly
Behind the elephant which had
Wandered unnoticed from the room
To join me outside.
No one mentioned it,
So I climbed onto its back to
Hose down the sky
And wipe a spot of dirt
From the surface of the sun
With the corner
Of a blue polka dot paper hankie,
A plump of toilet ducks
Quacking their approval
At my efforts as they flew past.
I scrubbed each and every cloud
With a long handled brush
Before laminating the hedgehogs
To save effort next time.
I rubbed wire wool
Over the strawberries until
Each one gleamed as if
Factory fresh
Then put the roses
in to soak.
Yet I cannot wash you
From my mind.



Sky Cows

I dance beneath fat, white sky cows
Grazing endlessly across
The silent blue fields.
Hair riffling in the breeze
Of their passing,
My feet trace
Intricate patterns,
Beautifully marring
The perfect velvet grass.
I dance with abandon,
Careless, delighting in the beauty
Of the world before me,
The thrill of the trees,
The beat of life itself
Controlling my soul
As my body gives itself
To the never ending
Song of existence,
The joy and freedom of life
Until a sky cow
Eats the sun,
Ending my dance
as if the song had been the light,
Or the light the song.
Regardless, it ends,
And I walk back to life
Leaving the shining herd
Of fat, white sky cows
To finish their endless meal


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