Robert Gross /Still Life at Sea/

Still Life at Sea

winter’s coming in through the slits boy
you see your breath wobbles on its way
discernible distortions of tree trunks
portions of shadow men in black glass

no more time old boy
all manufactured
all on the grid grows grey old boy
extinguishers metronomes
statues vases
all wobble



Robert F. Gross is a melancholic masochistic queer with anarchistic impulses. He’s directed plays, from Sophocles (Women of Trachis) to Richard Foreman (Hotel Fuck) and has published poems and short prose in, most recently, Zany Zygote Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, and  Sein und Werden. He’s enjoyed his recent radio adventures on WAYOPlay and Juxtaposed Soliloquies, Elaborated (both on WAYO-FM). Among his favorite writers: Witkiewicz, Kleist, Powys, von Horváth, Walser, Dostoevsky, and Gombrowicz.


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